About competition

The game will be played in 7 – 10 minutes half using the same fields as 15 – person rugby.
In order to cover a wide field with a small number of people, the ball moves greatly, speed, agility and handling skill are important. Exciting and flowing play is a favorite place.
Men and women Sevens is the Olympic Official Game (from the Rio de Janeiro Olympics 2016). Also, the Sevens World Cup will be held once every four years.

Main rules

1.Number of players
Seven people play on the field.
Change / change: Up to 5 people can be replaced or exchanged per team.
2.Game time
Within 14 minutes (7 minutes half).
* As for the final game of the competition, the game time can be done within 20 minutes. (10 minutes half)
3.Half time
Half time is less than 2 minutes.
4.Rugby Laws
Basically it is the same rules as the 15 – player system, but there are changes in game time and some items.
Formed with 3 forwards (FW) and 4 backs (BK).
■ Prop (PR) 2 people / Hooker (HO) · · · FW 3 people
■ Scrum Half (SH) / Standoff (SO) / Center (CTB) / Wing (WTB) · · · BK 4 people

Rugby Women's Sevens Position
Scrum is formed by three players in one row.
7.Sin-bin (temporary withdrawal)
If it becomes a Sin-bin (temporary withdrawal) from the referee due to unfair play etc, it will temporarily leave for 2 minutes.