arukas youth



「VISION」(Aiming figure)

Becoming a presence that continues to convey the possibilities of 『Girls x High School Students x Rugby』 to Japan and the world.

「Rugby is a sport that accepts diversity and hits the body for friends. Therefore, in today’s world where connections with the surroundings are diminishing, rugby fosters human resources who can lead a coexisting society. When the “high school students” of “girls” work seriously, they will grow into valuable human resources for the future society. Arcus Youth Kumagai aims to be an organization that maximizes the potential of high school girls. And no one regrets choosing Arkas Youth Kumagaya in his limited high school life. 」

「MISSION」(VISION What to do to make it happen)

  1. Pursuit of「Enrichment」
    「Safety/Transcendence/Training」(3 pillars)
  2. Pursuit of「Result」
    • National U18 Women’s Sevens Winner
    • Sanix World Youth Winner
    • World School Sevens Winner
  3. Pursuit of「Dissemination/development」
    「Comparison/Coexistence/Competitive competition」

「POLICY」(Common values of the club)

  1. Act as a high school student.
  2. Take good care of your family, friends, peers and others.
  3. Be autonomous with or without rules.
  4. Point the vector at yourself.
  5. Pursue the possibility of being able to do it with all your might.
  6. I will comply with this POLICY even after graduating from high school.


「To Arrive」

「Follow」:We will definitely move forward step by step toward the realization of “VISION”, whether it is good or bad, even if it is slow.
「Reach」:Be sure to arrive at your destination.

This SLOGAN expresses 「MISSION」 and 「POLICY」 to realize 「VISION」 of ARUKAS YOUTH KUMAGAYA in one word.



Practice time Every Tuesday 17:30~19:00
Every Wednesday 17:30~19:00
Every Thursday 17:30~19:00
Every Friday 17:30~19:00
Every Saturday 8:30~11:30
Every Sunday 8:30~11:30
※Time is subject to change
Place Saitama Institute of Technology Rugby Field, Arakawa Ryokuchi Park Rugby Field, Kumagaya Sports Culture Park
Target High school girls
Personal effects Sports cloths and shoes、drink


Application for Trial Practice / Contact Us

Cellphone Number: 048-598-4522
Please contact the contact information on the leaflet or fill in the following items andapply from the contact form by the day before desired day of trail practice.
Name, Age, Desired day, Contact information, Experience of rugby

* Accompanied by a guardian in trial practice
* Of course, inexperienced rugby players are also welcomed. Please feel free to contact us.